Friday, January 11, 2013

Display grid lines in viewing screen.

I have familiarized myself with my Samsung camera and that was quick. But the hs25exr finepix camera is so much more complicated! Right now, my finepix cam is showing grid lines but I am asking myself again and again, How do you turn on and off the display of grid lines in the viewing screen when composing a photo? Will post the answer later!
Answer. 2013/01/13
  1. Turn on the camera
  2. Press the DISP/BACK button
  3. Select best framing from [ON, OFF, Best framing, HD FRAMING, HISTOGRAM]
After this steps, the HS25EXR will show a 3 by 3 gridline. As a comparison, the Samsung WB150F camera offers more than two ways of showing grid lines!

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