Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fujifilm introduces new cameras.

I visited a camera shop in the basement of SM North and I was surprised of the new offerings from Fujifilm. Here is a list of the cameras(both new and old) and their prices.

X-T1 body-65,990, with 18-55mm kit lens- 85,990, with 18-135mm lens - 90,990
X-Pro 1 body-54,990, with 18mm/35mm- 68,990
X-E2with 18-55mm-68,990
X-E1with 18-55mm- 55,990 with 35mm- 53,990
X-M1body- 35,990, with 16-50mm-39,990
X-A1with 16-50mm-29,990
X-100Swith 23mm, f2-60,000
X-20with f2-f2.8 4x zoom lens- 32,000
X-Q1with f1.8 4x zoom, 21,990
X-F1with 23mm, f1.8 4x -14,990
Finepix S1with 50x zoom - 26,990
Finepix HS50EXRwith 42x zoom - 27,999
Finepix SL1000with 50x zoom - 18,990
Finepix S9400Wwith 50x zoom - 18,990
Finepix S9200with 50x zoom - 17,990
Finepix S8600with 36x zoom - 12,990
Finepix S4900with 30x zoom - 8990
Finepix S4800with 30x zoom - 8490

To be continued....

I am disappointed that the HS50EXR camera still costs very much. But I think it is a testament that this camera is a good value for the money.

The camera store dropped the price of the HS50EXR by 10,000 pesos. I was able to buy it at a price of 17,900 pesos and been using the superzoom camera for more than two months already.