Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Updates we want to see for the HS50EXR.

I hope Fujifilm updates the firmware of this fine superzoom without introducing new model superzoom camera.
We wish to see the following features in future updates of the firmware.

1. Better automatic exposure control in EXR AUTO mode. The camera tends to OVEREXPOSE in most shooting scenarios.
2. Snappy faster focusing in P or Program mode as in EXR AUTO.
3. Time lapse photography feature.
4. Bulb or T speed settings.
5. More special effects like fisheye and better multiple scenes mode.For example, side by side shooting should leave the unshoot side totally black.
6. Better battery power indicator. As it is, the camera suddenly turns off without warning after shooting many scenes.
7. Smartphone control integration.
8. Wifi image transfers from camera to PCs.
9. Any utility software should work in Linux.
10. Better glues for the leatherette strip covers.
11. Additional saved user control settings.
12. GPS feature