Saturday, December 20, 2014

More sunbird photos

Beautiful sunbirds

You will seldom catch, if ever, sunbirds in highly urbanized places. Unlike the ubiquitious house mayas, sunbirds are somewhat shy, unless they are intent on feeding on flowers. We have cordias in our home province and the long orange flowers ensure that sunbirds will not have competition for the nectar. Here are some photos I took last Saturday, with my trusty HS50EXR camera.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wifi cards are getting cheaper, are they worth the hassle?

I do not like to remove the SD card from the camera and attach it to the card reader slot of the PC to transfer photos. I also do not like attaching the camera usb cable. Such "mechanical" procedures can damage the sdcard or worse the delicate microusb port. I already experienced a damaged 32 Gbytes FUJITSU SD card! These high capacity cards do not come cheaply. The thin plastic sdcard body covers can get brittle from too much handling.

Yesterday, I bought a 16 Gbytes Transcend WIFI sd card. It costs me P2,500 at Perfect Shot, SM Annex, SM North. The lady promised me that if it will not work, then I can buy equivalent cost goods from the store. Our HS50EXRr camera is listed as compatible with the SD card and in fact the MENU of the camera includes an Eye-Fi transfer selection!

You need a smart phone (iPhone or Android) and the Tanscend WIFI SD card app to make it work. You will also get a dedicated special "free" card reader when transferring the contents via a PC usb slot.

It is simple to use but we will post instructions here later.

And here is a photo I transferred yesterday using my Starmobile smartphone.