Monday, November 30, 2015

A new T-10 to complement our superzoom camera!

I often shoot with the 42x HS50EXR camera. One can shoot all day with extra batteries with this camera. The time to next shoot is imperceptible and the focusing and exposure adjustments speed is quite fast for general subjects while shooting inside a fast moving van. I could not do that with the Nikon D5100 or Canon SX50HS which do have better image resolutions.

I could not resist however to ignore the lower "bargain" prices for most of the fujifilm X mirrorless camera system. The Fujifilm X-T10 can be had for about 5000 pesos less with a standard 18-55mm kit 1:2.8 f-stop, 58mm diameter lens. There is a cheaper alternative 16-50 mm lens with plastic construction with slower 1:3.5f-stop,but I opted for the 18-55version not only for the faster speed but for the stronger metal construction. I was surprised by the bright finder and screen when shooting during the evening.

I still need to study the camera controls and I will start writing articles for this camera real soon! The nice thing is that I can use the NP-W126 [8.4V 1280 mAh, 7.2V 1200mAh] lithium batteries, the lens cap(the one from HS50EXR has convenient string to attach to the camera!) and the UV filter(for front element of the lens) from the HS50EXR camera on the X-T10. I am thinking of complementing the camera with another lens, perhaps a fixed focal length wide angle prime lens. Unfortunately the price of lenses can be higher than the price of the camera itself!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Extra euipment you should have with Fujifilm cameras.

Peripheral equipmment list for serious Fujifilm photographers. I read this article

Fuji love came up with the following list this photographer uses.

  • YNN-568EX II flash
  • YN-622 receivers
  • YN-622-TX transmitter
  • gelatines
  • foldable snout
  • foldable reflector
  • clamps
  • Vebon UT43D tripod
  • teleconverter
  • batteries, 7.2 Volts, NP-W126
  • cards

Saturday, November 21, 2015

V-22 Ospreys: Always have a full charged battery and spare sd card.

I heard the drone of a helicopter and then I saw two V-22 Ospreys,flying with their large proppellers facing vertically overhead. Unfortunately the camera batteries were about to gave out, and then I found out the sd card slot was empty since I planned to copy the images to my computer.

Nevertheless, the low resolution (640 wide pixels of the image format for the the internal buffer allowed me to shoot even a short movie. I just wish you can have a separate buffer using and external SD card.

Here is the short movie clip.

Scenes from the 5th floor of SM North Annex

You may be able to see the quezon monument and some tall buildings in the direction of Fairview when you are at the 5th floor of SM North Annex. These photos were taken on the morning of November 21,2015.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ffirmware version is at 1.02

I only knew today that Fujifilm had released Version 1.02 to fix a Windows 10 image file read error. Head over to, The instructions are clear enough, but if you do encouter trouble you may comment your problems after this post. We are glad that Fujifilm is not ignoring its old camera models!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Its a camera and lens festival time for November!

I visited SM North and was surprised that Fujifilm had a camera and lens festival which started on September 1, with price drops for various X cameras up to 12,000 pesos! Hurry up as the promo ends on November 30, 2015. I do not know if they allow zero percent interest credit card payments, so ready your cash. We first present the latest camera prices.

X-T1 silver graphite body 79,99069990
black body 65,990 55,990
black body, xf18-55mm 85,990 75,990
black body, xf18-15mm 97,990 87,990
X-T10 body 40,990 35,990
XC16-50mm 45,990 40,990
XF27mm 45,990 44,990
XF18-55mm 56,990 51,990
X-E2 body 46,990 34,990
XF18-55mm 62,990 50,990
X-A2 XC16-50mm 27,99025,490
XC16-50mm w/ instax share 32,990 30,490
XC16-50mm & 50-230mm 36990 34,490
XC16-50mm & 50-230mm w/ instax share4199039,490
X-100T 64,990 59990
X-30 31, 990 19990

Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14,1015 photos of the day

I shot only a few scenes and mostly in Philcoa. The EXR Auto mode is fine for me, it has very quick focusing for bright scenes and the 42x max zoom helps capture even far away objects. The manual zooming also helps in quickly framing the desired object.