Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adjusting date and time on HS25EXR camera

  1. Turn on your camera, and set it to shooting mode, not the stored photos viewing mode
  2. Press the big Menu Ok button
  3. You will be presented with the shooting mode menu.
  4. Press the left(macro or flower symbol) then the down navigation (timer symbol) to access the SET-UP MENU.
    The DATE/TIME option is the FIRST option displayed!
  5. Press the right navigation(flash symbol) then the MENU OK. You will be presented with the date/time settings menu/date format.
    Select from YY.MM.DD, DD.MM.YY, and MM/DD/YY choices.
  6. Press the right or left navigation button to set the individual fields of the date. Here is a photo for the
  7. After setting the date/time fields, pres the OK to set it, otherwise press the DISP/BACK to cancel it.
  8. Go back to the SET-UP menu by pressing the left navigation key repeatedly until you see the SET-UP menu. Press the DISP/BACK button to EXIT setup.
Conbratulations! You have set the date and time! and the camera can function as a clock. but you have to press the view-shoot mode button, the one with the right direction arrow enclosed in a box.

For heaven's sake, buy and put a screen protector for your camera view sccreen.

I accidentally bumped without dropping my camera and I saw the protector glass broke but not apart. The camera already suffered fine short cracks in its view screen before I put the protector. When I replaced the protector after this latest incident, I saw a longer previous crack before I put on the protector, but still the camera is usable and no pixels were destroyed.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to activate the ADVANCED ANTI BLUR feature?

It is so strange. I have the camera long enough with me and I cannot activate the ADVANCED ANTI BLUR feature to ON under the MENU/SHOOTING MENU. The answer is the slim printed manual,page 24, it is available only in EXR AUTO shooting mode :)