Sunday, November 2, 2014

A curly twisted beautiful luhang-dalaga pedilanthus tithymaloides

I was lucky to shoot this this beautiful cultivar?/hybrid?/form? of pedilanthus tithymaloides plant at Quezon City Memorial Circle. I noticed some of the leaves and the stems look like those of luhang dalaga, so I am guessing it ia a pedilanthus titymaloides. My camera which is now my favorite when not shooting the moon(Canon SH50SX beats it for that unusual subject) is the relatively heavy superzoom Fujifilm HS50EXR digital camera.

With internet searches, I found the following candidates as descriptions of this form: marbled jacobs ladder splish-splash and bizzare contorted twisted .
I hope in time I will know the exact matching tradename or cultivar name.

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