Friday, September 26, 2014

How to ensure Flash is ready to fire

I am sometimes surprised why the flash does not work when I am in program mode and the built-in camera flash is released for firing by depressing the button beside the flash bulb unit. Cconsulting the Internet gave the following guidelines in Program mode:

  1. The camera must be set for STILL IMAGE shooting, i.e., not in VIDEO mode.
  2. The camera must not be set in macro mode.
  3. The camera must not be in movie shooting mode.
By ensuring the above conditions are satisfied, the camera flassh will be always ready to fire. Be merciful when shooting people with flash. The camera is speedy enough even in low natural light conditions. Practice holding the camera steady when you desire NOT to use the flash. Have two photos for insurance, one without flash, and the other with flash.

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