Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wifi cards are getting cheaper, are they worth the hassle?

I do not like to remove the SD card from the camera and attach it to the card reader slot of the PC to transfer photos. I also do not like attaching the camera usb cable. Such "mechanical" procedures can damage the sdcard or worse the delicate microusb port. I already experienced a damaged 32 Gbytes FUJITSU SD card! These high capacity cards do not come cheaply. The thin plastic sdcard body covers can get brittle from too much handling.

Yesterday, I bought a 16 Gbytes Transcend WIFI sd card. It costs me P2,500 at Perfect Shot, SM Annex, SM North. The lady promised me that if it will not work, then I can buy equivalent cost goods from the store. Our HS50EXRr camera is listed as compatible with the SD card and in fact the MENU of the camera includes an Eye-Fi transfer selection!

You need a smart phone (iPhone or Android) and the Tanscend WIFI SD card app to make it work. You will also get a dedicated special "free" card reader when transferring the contents via a PC usb slot.

It is simple to use but we will post instructions here later.

And here is a photo I transferred yesterday using my Starmobile smartphone.

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