Monday, February 11, 2013

Shooting Modes in HS25exr camera

Shooting modes available to the HS25EXR camera user
C custom mode user setting
M manual mode user sets shutter and aperture independently
A aperture priority user set aperture, camera selects shutter speed automatically.
S shutter priority user set speed, camera selects the aperture automatically.
P program modecamera selects "best" programmed combination of shutter aperture
EXR Drange priority HR: Resolution priority (capture details); SN: high ISO and low noise; D-range:camera tries to capture details in bright scenes, avoids washouts
Autocamera selects best scene mode and shutter-aperture settings
Adv professional portraits, low light, multiple exposure and 3D shooting
SP1 and SP2 special preselected scene settings.
Panorama panoramic shots offering 120, 180, 360 angular view degrees horizontal/vertical direction
Scene available for SP1 and SP2 settings are
  1. natural light with flash, two separate shots, one without and the other with flash
  2. natural light, without flash
  3. portrait
  4. smoothed skin
  5. dogs
  6. cats
  7. landscape or scenic shots
  8. sport, moving objects
  9. night, using high ISO setting to reduce camera shake
  10. night with tripod, allows slow shutter speed at night
  11. fireworks, vivid shots of fireworks
  12. sunset, adds vivid colors to sunsets
  13. snow, snowy scenes
  14. beach, beach photos
  15. party, indoor shots
  16. flower, vivid shots of flowers
  17. text, shots of letterings.

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