Friday, February 22, 2013

How to copy contents of internal memory to SD card and vice-versa

The internal memory can hold only a few images or photos. I think of it mostly as emergency storage for a few photos in case you forgot there is NO SD card in the camera.

To copy the files in the internal memory to the SD card, Toggle the display > button to non-shooting mode. Press MENU/OK|PLAYBACK menu|COPY . Then select INTERNAL MEMORY TO SD CARD|ALL FRAMES. Then press again MENU-OK button. It will ask COPY OK? press OK button again, and the camera will now copy the contents of the internal memory to the SD card.

You need to format the internal memory so it can store new photos but first you need to take out the external SD card! The format command is accessed via MENU/OK|SET-UP|FORMAT command.

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