Saturday, July 19, 2014

A bad thing about the rubber strips of the HS50EXR in a tropical country.

Before I lost my HS25EXR due to water entering the camera last year, I experience the leader strips at the front and back of the camera coming off due to loosened adhesion of the white glue used by Fujifilm.

Now that I have the HS50EXR camera I was expecting a more solid higher quality workmanship and better materials. Instead the leather strip at the back of the camera loosened again from frequent use. The white glue is simply of poor quality. One can blame the heat and humidity of a tropical country, but we suggest Fujifilm do away with the fake leather strip to provide friction and instead texturize the plastic casing to provide non-slip grip on the back of the camera.

My Canon SX50HS camera simply does not suffer from this problem because it does not use leather strips for added grip. It does feel and look cheap however.

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